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Spring is (FINALLY) upon us! While the warmer temperatures have not yet fully committed to sticking around, Mother Nature has decided to grace us with her less icy side and provide us with longer days and glorious sunshine. Thankfully, this means that students are beginning to replace their somber, all-black ensembles with bright, colorful clothing. While only a few days ago every student was bundled up in multiple layers of clothing, it is now impossible to walk out the door without being surrounded by cheery flashes of color.

One of the most prominent trends that I have noticed is colored jeans. Though this is a trend that was introduced a while ago it has recently taken over the University of Kentucky in full force, and with good reason. The versatility of colored jeans lends itself to nearly every occasion imaginable: the possibility of colors are endless, and the jeans never fail to provide a fun, trendy addition to any look while still maintaining a level of comfort that is non-negotiable for busy college students. Case in point: this Fashionista’s adorable outfit.

While campus was swimming with brightly-colored legs, this Fashionista’s printed pants stood out from the crowd. The peach color of her pants matched the current trend on campus and the polka dots added excitement to an otherwise simple outfit.

With Kentucky weather and UK’s unpredictable air conditioning, layers are essential. This Fashionista’s denim button-down and sheer blouse are perfect for transitioning through the day. Mornings are still relatively cold and the draft library can bring unexpected chills, so you never know when you’ll need a little extra warmth. In addition, the button-down duo looks put together and chic, while still being soft and comfortable enough to be stuck in seat at the library for hours on end.

Let’s face it: no one wants to spend their last hours before spring break cooped up at the library. But with midterms in full swing, the long and torturous hours of studying are inevitable. With that said, it doesn’t have to be all bad! Spring weather is here, and being stuck in the library is no reason to ignore that fact. Throw on some colored jeans and a light, airy shirt and you may find that your mood brightens right along with your pants.

One Simple Change:  Sick of the library? Swap the Sperrys for some wedges and the backpack for a chic handbag and you are ready for a casual night out with friends.


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