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As welcome week comes to an unfortunate end and doing class work becomes a reality, the daunting library becomes home for students. While we all are majoring in subjects that we love, it is still hard to hit up the library when you could be hanging out with friends, browsing fashion blogs or watching episodes of Girls. However, going to the library is not an easy act. And I don’t mean it’s a dreadful or tedious task — it’s physically not easy. Madison is at its peak of snowy, windy, freezing weather. We’re talking negative degrees here, people. The isthmus that UW-Madison lies on makes it the coldest school in the nation. And while I could complain for hours about the weather and not wanting to go to the library, I’d rather discuss what I do like: getting dressed for both.

This Fashionista has the perfect outfit for those long hours spend in Memorial or College Library (my secret study spot is Historical Society… shh!). Comfort is the biggest factor when it comes to library outfits. As much as I’d love to show off my Jeffery Campbell Litas in the library, no one can study in that condition. A comfy oversized knit sweater with an infinity scarf will keep you warm, comfortable and distraction-free. Stray away from tight articles of clothing, especially if you are one of those people who cross and uncross their legs a million times, like me. When you aren’t in the mood for a sweater, pair a chambray shirt with a comfortable basic tee.

What I love most about this Fashionista’s outfit are her Burberry snow boots. Shoes are always the fun part of the outfit, but in these conditions selection is limited. A cute pair of snow boots is worth investing in because it brings those mundane winter outfits to a level of chicness. A stylish Brandy Melville leather backpack also adds spice to the bland winter wear. This year, unique backpacks have sprung up everywhere from Urban Outfitters to Marc by Marc Jacobs.

And what library outfit would be complete without a pair of Beats to listen to your study jams?

One Simple Change: After the long hours of the library, switch the sweater for a blouse with a cute collar for a relaxing cocktail with the girls!


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