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It’s Sunday morning and the struggle is real. The weekend has left you sleep deprived, your head hurts and the last thing you want to do is escape the comfort of your bed. On top of it all, the procrastinator in you put off studying for your Monday morning midterm. Unfortunately you’re left with no other option… Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to the library you go.

After peeling yourself out of bed and pumping caffeine into your body, it’s time to get dressed, which is the LAST thing a tired student wants to put energy into. When choosing a library outfit, comfort is key. Since you are going to be sitting hours on end in a cubicle, you want to feel as cozy as possible. Creating a go-to library uniform will save you time and energy when you’re on the go.

This Fashionisto is channeling the perfect ‘library look.’ His outfit is laid-back, easy to piece together and casual but cool. Not to mention his statement sweater and Nike kicks keep his look versatile for life after the library. By combining three staple elements, any and all Fashionistas/os can create uniform by pairing a graphic sweater, athletic shoes and baseball cap.

Lucky for us library dwellers, the carefree, “lazy” look is in. Oversized graphic sweaters are all over the runway and create a bold statement without sacrificing comfort. Statement sweaters are not unique to one gender, so Fashionistas don’t be afraid to rock your boyfriend’s sweater. Another trend this Fashionisto dons is the athletic shoes. Many of us think pairing sneakers with a trendy outfit is a faux paux, but not as of late. Try pairing these kicks with a casual library outfit. Finally, the baseball cap is making a comeback. Who wants to worry about bed head, anyways? Save yourself the time and effort before the library by slipping a hat, like this one.

One Simple Change: Running errands after studying? Add a leather jacket and scarf to seek comfort from the cold as you hustle and bustle around the city.


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