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Now that we’re a few weeks into the semester, tests and papers are on the syllabi and on our minds. When it’s time to hit the books and head to the library, take some style advice from this Fashionista who chose the perfect outfit for some studying.

If you’re going to be sitting for a while when cramming for a test or writing an essay, it’s important to be comfortable. Instead of crisp jeans, try a softer pair of pants like this Fashionista’s black jeggings. One other thing to remember about the library is the air conditioning—learn from my mistakes and always dress for the chilly temperatures! Tip: If you just have to wear your favorite sandals, pack a pair of warm socks in your bag. The extra warmth always makes me feel more comfortable and more prepared for a long day of homework. This Fashionista prepares for the cooler air with her riding boots and printed scarf. Her floral cross-body bag, a stylish way to carry around study materials, is the perfect size for her books while also complementing her casual feminine outfit.

My favorite element of this Fashionista’s outfit, though, is her denim shirt. Denim is no longer exclusive to jeans; denim shirts, jackets, vests and backpacks are all very popular trends these days. Branch out like this Fashionista did and try to incorporate denim into a different aspect of your wardrobe. You never know what style could become your new signature look! I personally have fallen in love with this denim scrunchie from American Apparel. You can express yourself even while just tying your hair up for an intense study session!

One Simple Change: Swap the denim shirt for something softer like this cami from Topshop, and you’re ready to head to brunch!


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