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I always have to deal with an inner Fashionista dilemma whenever I decide to go to the library to get some serious work done. Do I want to dress for ultimate comfort in head to toe sweats or do I want to wear cute pops of bright colors to alleviate my stressed out mood?

The Fashionista I spotted this week by the library inspired me to say nay to sweats the next time I want to get studying. To be honest, her festively striped jacket caught my eye from several feet away. It had so much personality and pizzazz! It turned out that the coat was from a boutique located in her hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania. The most quirky wardrobe pieces tend to come from local shops, in my opinion.

Once I got a closer look, I was pleasantly surprised to find blue plaid lining on her black combat boots.  Nothing says let’s stay wide awake and focused like mixing funky prints and colors. Anything to get you a bit more peppy about that heavy work load, right? I joke. But the outfit as a whole looked comfortable without getting too sleepy. I mention this because when I’m decked in ultra soft sweats, I tend to nod off a little while reading and that is so counterproductive.

This Fashionista also knew how to meticulously play down the bold jacket by matching the color of the center stripe with cream-colored convertible gloves, scarf and backpack. To keep the color palette a little off kilter, this Fashionista opted for gray denim. I think it’s a smart choice since blue denim would have thrown off the look, while a cream pant would have looked too put together.

I have a wonderful feeling that this non-nautical stripe motif will transition nicely into spring. When the temps eventually rise, you won’t sport a fun coat like this anymore, but you could transition the same print and color arrangements into other pieces like a skirt. Alberta Ferretti’s ready-to-wear collection for this spring featured skirts of varying lengths decorated with sunny stripes to brighten up your spring wardrobe.

One Simple Change: If you decide to leave the library for a study break or a night out to treat yourself afterwards, there’s a great way to make this outfit funky. Just take inspiration from Pharrell’s now infamous Smokey the Bear-esque hat and throw on a black matador hat to edge up the look.



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