WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

What to Wear

Though it’s nice to sometimes think college is all about partying and having fun, we know that these aren’t the real reasons we’re enrolled. That’s right, the thousands of dollars we take out in student loans aren’t just to fund those 3 a.m. trips to Taco Bell. They’re to make sure we learn the necessary skills to prepare us for our futures. That being said, there will be many opportunities presented to us throughout our college years and as we prepare to venture out into the professional world. The number and type of opportunities vary from student to student, but one thing is always the same: they all start with an interview.

It’s important to present the best version of yourself during an interview, and this includes your outfit. What you choose to wear says a lot about you, and this Fashionista’s killer interview outfit screams success. Her white skirt from Francesca’s shows she is clean-cut and professional. Skater skirts are a huge trend right now, and wearing one in a classic color like white elevates the style and sophistication of her look. Her patterned blouse adds a funky touch to the simple skirt. The circular design comes off as a hybrid between paisley and polka-dots, and wearing it in a deep plum gives her outfit color without putting it over the top. This trendy retro top done in a classic button-down style conveys that she is innovative and bold: two qualities any interviewer would seek out.

As for shoes, this Fashionista decided to keep it simple with some black ballet flats. These show her practicality and would be great for running around an office, fetching coffee or quickly completing any task that requires her to be on her feet. The tiny bows on the toes of the shoes add a touch of girly charm. Sure, old sneakers would’ve been functional choices as well, but the fact that she chose to be put-together as well as practical shows her desire to go above and beyond to look her best. Wow, who knew your clothes could say so much about you? Next time you’re heading out for an interview be sure to follow this Fashionista’s lead, and your outfit will say wonders about yourself before you even open your mouth.

One Simple Change: This classically chic outfit would also be a great choice when meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time. Adding a nude blazer would add even more sophistication to the outfit, not to mention keep you warm if his mom is giving you the cold shoulder! Be sure to swap the flats for a stylish pair of heels and you’ll be dressed to impress even the toughest parents.


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