WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

What to Wear

Am I the only one out there already preparing for the simultaneously exciting and frightening event of graduation? With “only two more months” being the motivation behind each homework assignment and midterm, I am certainly looking forward to this new chapter in my life.

Before I can begin filling the pages in this new chapter, I have to partake in something I am not so thrilled about: interviews. As we all know, interviews can be extremely nerve-wracking. There may not be a proven way to fight off these anxieties, but there is away to give yourself a confidence boost.

As I have mentioned time and time again, I truly believe in the power of “dressing the part.” Dress like the confident, responsible and motivated woman you are, and employers will take notice. Not only will they appreciate your discretion for being able to dress suitably and creatively, but also you feel best in an outfit you know you look great in.This Fashionista knew exactly what to wear in the event of an interview. She dressed with both spunk and strength that showed her personality and sense of style, but also was work appropriate.

A basic formula for any interview outfit, which this Fashionista demonstrates perfectly, is pants, a nice shirt, a jacket and a shoe with some form of heel on it. If you choose to follow this, make sure you pick the pieces that best show your personality and style. For this Fashionista, it was a colorful silk blouse, a quilted, leather jacket and booties.

One Simple Change: Swap the heeled booties for a pair of flats, and you’ve got a great look for a casual date night!


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