WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

What to Wear

Sometimes during our college years, we often forget about what lies ahead of us after we walk across that graduation stage. After spending the majority of our lives with friends and family close by to depend on, thinking about entering the “real world” is often too much to bear. However, one way to face the unknown with confidence is by dressing the part.

Attending an interview, whether it is for a job or internship, can often be a stressful process. From perfecting your resume to polishing your answers to typical interview questions, there is a lot to consider and what you plan to wear is no exception. Your outfit to an interview is a great way to leave a great first impression and stand out (in a good way) from the other applicants!

This Fashionista is definitely ready to take on any opportunity that comes her way in style. Projecting strength and femininity, her fuchsia chinos are colorful without being too overbearing for an office ensemble. If dressing in business casual is appropriate for your interview, finding pants that reach the ankle are more on the casual side than those of regular length.

Wearing a patterned blouse instead of the usual basic and neutral choices is a great way to add some variety to your interview ensemble. This houndstooth blouse in black and white balances her colorful pants while still making its own impact.

Jewelry is also great to wear, but it should usually be kept to a minimum. This Fashionista’s layered pearl and rhinestone necklace is chic and not too overbearing for the office environment.

At your next interview I hope that you go in feeling as confident as you will look by following some of these Fashionista’s style cues.

One Simple Change: Add nude heels and a cream lace top for a chic girls night on the town.


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