WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

What to Wear

You check your emails, receive a call or even a letter. Either way, the excitement is uncontrollable. You got the interview! But now, what are you supposed to wear? Your look is essential when trying to make a good impression. This Fashionista shows how to layer in style with leather accents, a crop sweater and graphic flats.

Let’s say you got an interview for a fashion magazine. It is crucial to let your personality shine through your outfit. I love the way this outfit seems put together by deconstructed pieces. The crisp crop top, the long tank, and the different materials and prints wrapped up in one cool jacket. If that wasn’t enough, this Fashionista added a green bag for a color-block effect and graphic flats which shows character.

Keeping it simple at the same time, she has a monochromatic base. Black with a touch of white. Letting her outerwear and accessories show a joyful personality. The jacket is such a cool statement. If you got an interview during fall or winter season, this is a killer outfit. Not only keeps you warm, but you will be showing your sense of style and boldness without trying too hard.

As for the bag, I like that she kept it to a minimal size. And the green cross-body design fits perfectly with the whole ensemble. Resume in one hand, bag on shoulder and you are good to go! What I didn’t realize until I took the picture was the cute layout on her flats. I think is such a clever way to add a fun spirit to the outfit without being overwhelming.

I am sure that with this kind of outfit, the nerves will definitely wash away! This Fashionista knows how to pull of a clean-cut outfit that is interview worthy using color-block, different fabrics and cheerful graphics.

One Simple Change: This look is perfect for casual date night. Change the flats for heeled booties. After showing up with an awesome outfit like this, there is no reason not to celebrate!


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