WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

What to Wear

After you land a job interview but before you are actually interviewed, there are basic steps to take in preparation. First, your resume has to be polished to perfectly exemplify your successes in precisely one page. Next, you have to tune and target you cover letter to speak to the position inquiring. Then, you practice answering potential questions that may be troublesome (seriously, nobody enjoys speaking to their greatest weakness). The final and arguably most important step is to pick out an outfit that will leave a lasting impression far after the interview is over.

I bumped into this Fashionista moments before her graduate school interview. Although she looked calm and collected, she admitted her nerves were far from. Secretly this is what I love about fashion. Not that anyone should hide behind his or her clothes, but often times, when you look good, you feel good.

With her black tights, cute booties and simple sweater, this look is perfect for a cold-weather interview. She paired these elements with a tailored knee length skirt, which is my favorite part of it all. A well-fitted (tweed) skirt can take you far — it screams powerful and professional. To add some extra warmth and a touch of personalization, she wore a chunky knit scarf that is versatile in any environment.

In an interview setting, use your outfit as a boost of confidence and an additional mode to stand out from the crowd. After all, who can refuse you when your resume is on point, and you’re the most memorable person they’ve seen that day?

One Simple Change: This look is perfect for other professional outings, like career fairs or internships. As the weather gets warmer, swap out the sweater for a lightweight blouse.


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