WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

What to Wear

Landing your first internship will always be one of the more exciting experiences to happen during your college career; it’s the first mark you make in a field of professionalism. Of course, internships come in different shapes and sizes, but no matter the pay grade and no matter the size, you should always be eager to make the best impression possible among people that may have a hand in influencing your future career. Dressing professionally is definitely one of the key aspects in accomplishing this task.

Of course, the level of professionalism required depends greatly upon the field itself. As for this Fashionisto, I can see him rocking this outfit just about anywhere in the workforce. The outfit is all around very clean cut with traces of personal touches here and there. I particularly like the white button-down with puppy print. Who doesn’t love puppies?!

The print itself is subtle, but different. It adds a sense of all around playfulness and humor to the look. The touches of turquoise in the glasses and scarf also add a nice pop of color to the monochromatic ensemble. The color and print make the outfit succinctly unique and flavorful. The quilted gray leather jacket is a great piece to throw on as well. Above adding warmth to the ensemble, it adds great texture and structure to the overall look.

This Fashionisto is sure to be noticed and impress his superiors with this perfectly professional ensemble. Not only has he implemented a smart sophisticated look, but his personality is infused with the elements of this look as well. Internships will be flying in left and right when people get a look at him.

One Simple Change: Swap the black slacks for dark wash denim jeans for a more casual weekend look. Also, swap the shoes for a more industrial grade snow boot. The winds of change have brought about an icy tundra for the winter season in this past week and it’s best to be prepared.


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