WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

What to Wear

As June rolls in I am finally starting up my summer internship in Los Angeles. The most important part of my day is the morning. I start off eating my healthy breakfast while organizing daily tasks. Before heading into the office, I like to prepare for what challenges may lie head. They can be as simple as answering a yes or no question. Starting off a new internship can always be nerve-racking, but picking out a cute outfit that fits your work environment helps lower the stress throughout your whole day. The trick is to think business casual. In a city like Los Angeles, a dress suit would be too fancy, but shorts are too casual. Like this Fashionista, you must find the perfect in-between.

Sporting an orange and white polka dot button-down blouse, this Fashionista adds a playful chartreuse bubble necklace creating subtle contrast in colors. This causal collaboration comes together with her essential denim shirt. Finishing the look with a tan watch on her wrist is the perfect accessory. A wrist watch is a must-have in any office. It provides easy access to check the time without interrupting a meeting by pulling out a cell phone.

To add sophistication, this Fashionista turned in her briefcase for a big tote. Providing storage for her laptop to her makeup bag, a tote is a girl’s best friend. The tan sleek finish is a simple neutral that you can use with almost any outfit.

One Simple Change: To cool down this look for warmer days, change up the under layer with a peplum top. It adds flexibility to shed the jean layer in the office while keeping the look professional.


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