WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

What to Wear

Let me guess. You work, have an internship and go to summer school? I know first hand that it can be hard to find the perfect outfit to wear to two places with completely different vibes. The workplace normally has set standards when it comes to our attire, and the beloved school house lets us run wild and free with our clothing. On top of that, maybe you love to go out on the town right after work, but sometimes don’t feel your outfit is up to par. This begs the question: WHAT TO WEAR? Well, I bring you thee dress code.

Putting in the effort to look good also helps you feel good, and this allows you to cope with your busy schedule. My Fashionista has taken this into consideration by still being in touch with her inner Style Guru during this hectic week. Pairing the polka-dots on a sheer blouse with a flattering slim leg pant feeds directly into spring and summer trends. The classic black stiletto pump adds a bit of sex appeal, taking us straight from the classroom to the night life. Accessorizing this outfit with a hat, clutch and a gold watch (which is a great accent piece, if I do say so myself) was a great call. Not to mention the blonde hair – it just does it justice, right?

This look can be worn to school, to work, to dinner and can afford to come back around again for an encore. And don’t worry; our Fashionista is a smart one, she had flats in her clutch! Don’t be scared of the bright colors summer brings, just make sure they complement you. Separately these pieces can be paired with the basics you already have in your closet. These mix and match skills are forever useful! You too can conquer long days just by getting dressed in the morning, like our Fashionista here. Take full advantage of the summer look, even when showing off Thee Dress Code.

One Simple Change: So you’ve decided to just go straight to the nightlife for a girls night out after work? Simply add a light faint maple jacket and change into your nude pointed toe flats for a more playful look.


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