WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

What to Wear

As the long awaited summer break approaches in the next couple of weeks, one thing may be on several Hoosiers minds: internships. Whether you are in the process of finding one or have anxiously accepted an offer, this exciting new step in life is right around the corner. Depending on the type of internship, it may be difficult to put together outfits that are work appropriate each day. Don’t panic! Keep a few simple guidelines in mind: professional, classy and one “pop” element.

You may be asking yourself, “What is this ‘pop’ element?” Well it’s one part of the outfit that makes it stand out. This could be a pair of red heels with a neutral colored outfit or even a floral skirt to pair with a button-down blouse. Professional outfits are known not to be the most exciting addition to a wardrobe so it’s important to remember that you can make it fun.

When I spotted this Fashionista, I knew her outfit was the perfect example of stepping away from ordinary, boring outfits. She is wearing a white button-down blouse, which is great for work since it is traditionally professional. She then paired the blouse with a blue mini pleated skirt. This outfit works well for a professional setting because it’s simple, chic and catches your eye.

This Fashionista added the just the right amount of accessories to her outfit. She is wearing a brown belt with a pair of brown leather wedges. Her bag is neutral colored with yellow detail, which is definitely one of the “pop” elements to the outfit because it contrasts with the blue skirt. One of my favorite parts of this Fashionista’s style is the theme of brown leather accessories. This can be hard to match, and she totally rocked it. For jewelry, she is wearing a simple necklace with a studded, braided bracelet. Adding these items can actually help pull an outfit together.

One Simple Change: Since summer is all about exciting events popping up around every corner, you may have an opportunity to join in after a day at work. If you’re headed somewhere such as a festival, you can swap the blouse for a classy crop top. Grab a cross-body bag instead of the tote to make it easier to carry around. You can also put your hair in a quick, easy top bun and you’ll be set for the fun time ahead!


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