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What to Wear

It’s that time of year people: application and interview season! Whether it’s looking for a dream job or that perfect internship, most college students know the overwhelming feeling of panic during this time, and those of you aiming for the fashion industry understand what a rigorous process it can be. Are you currently in the right city? Are your references fully informed? Was your portfolio up to par? Will someone even see your resumé? And you Fashionistas know that in the fashion industry in particular, finding that job usually means several internships. I know I may be preaching to the choir about those worries so let’s jump into the next, more exciting part – what to wear when you land the internship that will be a step towards eventually getting that job of your dreams!

Some internships will give you a set of guidelines for proper attire and you may be limited to a basic skirt or pant suit (which can be done really well if need be). Having a set attire may actually relieve stress for some people. To avoid any embarrassing wardrobe moments be sure to ask whether a dress code is in place. If you happen to land an internship where dressing in business attire isn’t necessary, go ahead and show your style in an appropriate way!

I adore the look this Fashionista has created with her slouchy black sweater overtop of her skirt. Another way to get this look is by putting an oversized sweater overtop of your favorite dress, giving your dress the appearance of a skirt.

She added an amazing statement necklace to her outfit that can’t go unmentioned. I find that there is a fine line between statement jewelry and costume jewelry that people should pay attention to and avoid crossing. A statement piece of jewelry can be a perfect way to show your style, but costume jewelry can sometimes be outrageous, flamboyant and maybe a bit inappropriate for an internship. This Fashionista’s statement necklace allows her to stand out for all of the right reasons.

Having a large bag is key, and this one by Michael Kors is great for internships because you never know what you might need at a long day of work! I tend to bring too much with me, but some essentials can include a bottle of water, a cover-up just in case it is cold in your office, a granola bar, a pair of flats and an emergency makeup kit. I would also suggest having a clean copy of your resumé with you at all times.

So, good luck Fashionistas and Fashionistos out there! I am sure if you haven’t already, you will land your dream internship soon!

One Simple Change: If you are still experiencing cold weather, add a pair of trouser pants from J.Crew for a refined look and will satisfy many different styles!


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