WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

What to Wear

You sent out your resume, did great on your interview and you finally have the internship you’ve been dreaming of! Now is the time to do your best, and of course look polished and professional in doing so. With graduation only a few months away for many seniors, they are squeezing some real business work into their course schedules and possibly even hoping for a job offer by the end of the semester.

Just because you’re in the office does not mean you have to wear black and white everyday. Keeping it classy is very important but adding interesting accessories can help you get noticed. I spotted this Fashionista in her skater skirt and knit sweater, an unlikely combo but great one. Instead of going for that crop top or tank make it weather appropriate and layer up.

The littlest details such as her plaid and gold chain necklace can escalate an outfit and make you stand out. I really admired that she incorporated different patterns and textures to brighten up her look and that she wore a sleek, fitted jacket to stay warm.

Going to and from your internship you’ll want to bring the essentials: your money, ID, cell phone, metro card (if you live in New York City) and most importantly a notebook and pen to take notes. A big handbag or tote will become your best friend throughout the semester while going back and forth, so buying one of great quality would be worth it. This Fashionista uses her Louis Vuitton for a variety of different occasions, from classes and internships to going out with friends and it matches with just about everything.

As an FIT student herself, she didn’t want to ruin her new suede booties in the snow on her walk to the office. City streets are some of the dirtiest and these harsh weather conditions don’t make it any easier to walk without slipping on ice. Sadly some of us know that from experience. This Fashionista came up with the plan to put on comfortable boots for the walk and then change back into these suede booties once she reaches the entrance. Invest in the perfect shoes for all the hustling and bustling you’ll be doing to keep your feet comfy and work shoes mark free.

Your hard work (put into your clothing choices and tasks in the office) will all be worth it in the end!

One Simple Change: This outfit is great for a day of shopping! After your internship slide on some ballet flats for a comfortable shopping spree.


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