WHAT TO WEAR: Holidays

What to Wear

The holiday season is fast approaching and winter break is just around the corner. Soon most of us will be back home joining our families and high school classmates for dinners and gatherings to talk about “back in the day.” What better way to show your family the adult you’ve become than showing up with a professional demeanor? We all know that returning home is when everyone analyzes each other on how much we did and did not change since the pre-college years. Show in a casual suit and you are sure to impress.

This Fashionisto’s outfit says a lot about how he illustrates the art of dressing. I spotted him on his way to the city for a day of networking and shopping while on a weekend trip to New York. His look is perfect for introductions to future employers or business partners and a perfect segue to an intimate family dinner in the evening. His use of accessories is what really makes his outfit stand out.

To stay warm while running errands, this Fashionisto layered a plaid scarf under his black blazer. The neutral colors in the plaid scarf complement the other accessories and enhances the less exciting black suit jacket and pants. To coordinate with the scarf he added the cheetah print lapel flower and a contrasting plaid pocket square. In my opinion, these accessories are under utilized in men’s fashion. Colorful lapel pins and pocket squares like these can instantly transform simple everyday wardrobes to fun and fashionable.

Adding a leather satchel to the mix ensures this Fashionisto has everything he needs on hand. Man purses are also an untapped product in men’s accessories. Guys can find masculine bags from retailers like ASOS for a casual look, or Coach for a sophisticated leather satchel.

One Simple Change: To make the look more causal for a night out with friends I would switch the black dress pants for a pair of dark wash jeans from Levi Brand Jeans.


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