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In the movies, holidays are about hot chocolate, warm fires and gift exchanges with close family and friends. As much as I wish I could wake up and be on the movie set of ELF, we live a different reality when it comes to the holidays. For most of us, the holidays represent pressure to buy the perfect gift, the dread of having to see that “one family member” and of course, where to buy the perfect outfit for all of those holiday parties. Fashion is an integral part of the holiday season. As floral fades out, plaid makes its grand entrance. This Fashionista created a cohesive holiday outfit with traditional pieces.

Holidays are about tradition; whether it be bringing out the old decorations, or digging through your closet for your favorite outfit, the holidays are about preserving memories. This Fashionista utilizes classic pieces in her outfit to put together a look that screams holiday. Utilizing different patterns was a smart move for this Fashionista. She chose to mix plaid, leopard print and red, which are classic wardrobe staples. Combining these designs put an innovative twist on classics.

To counterbalance the patterns and brightness on the bottom, this Fashionista chose to keep it simple on top with a fitted collared shirt. If you choose to implement multiple statement pieces in one outfit, it is crucial to keep at least one component in the outfit simple, preferably a large area such as the top.

Especially at family occasions, a conservative aspect is often implemented during the holidays. This Fashionista easily accomplishes this by adding tights and a purse to her outfit. While accessories do not make an immediate impression, they end up playing an important role. Tights especially add a formal aspect to any outfit, they add a finished look. In addition, this Fashionista was seen sporting a black purse. Adding a bag to any look signifies a corporate feel and a more finished look. Accessories are crucial for the holidays because during one of the most stressful times of the year it is important to stay organized!

As stressful as the holidays can be, it is still possible to achieve your dream movie holiday! Take risks with your personal style like this Fashionista — it will give you the confidence boost to get through the stress! Personal style is severely underestimated, and has much more power than people think — take advantage and see for yourself!

One Simple Change: Be internship ready by subbing out the red skirt for a knee-length black pencil skirt.


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