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At this time of year, it’s either pouring rain or hot enough to cook eggs on the side walk. And on hot days like this one, you need to prepare yourself. With high SPF sunscreen in hand and the right outfit on, you should be able to survive your day out.

This Fashionista’s ensemble exhibits the denotative meaning of the phrase “less is more.” As the temperatures increased, she took matters into her own hands and went for a minimalist approach to her day’s outfit, leading to a stylish yet comfortable outfit. Style doesn’t necessarily have to mean wearing the most coveted shoes, rocking a plethora of accessories and dressing in the most ground-breaking pieces; it’s the ability to create a great look from the simplest items to the most complex, and this student certainly has that ability.

She keeps cool by pairing black crochet knit shorts, with a simple turquoise tube top. The choice of color for the top gives the entire outfit a vibrant touch. Next, she takes on some black woven correa sandals with a white tribal pattern; an addition like this can add enough detail to a look, taking it from mundane to exciting. To finish off her get-up, she holds a mini backpack to carry her essentials because on a hot day like this, the last thing you want to do is lug a heavy load around—heat and heavy lifting do not mix.

Summer is the one season where you can get away with spending very little of your hard earned cash on wardrobe additions. There is no need for the multiple layers seasons like fall or winter demand. A simple shirt and shorts combo will do. You can get this Fashionista’s look for a sensible sum—no valid reason to break the bank here. Beat the heat by shedding some layers, like this stylish urbanite. She created a look by solely pairing staple pieces (i.e. black shorts, tube top) that would otherwise be used as base elements in an outfit.

One Simple Change: Summer and festivals go hand in hand, so a few modifications to this look can transform it from scorcher-ready to festival chic. You can start by adding a sun hat to help protect you from the sun’s harsh rays while you spend the day out, jamming to some tunes. Next, you can put on a crochet knit cardigan to add some boho flair to an already laid-back ensemble. These two additions can lead to a look that is not only appropriate for a heat wave, but for a field day at a music festival.


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