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Summer vacation is upon us, and we are finally able to reunite with our hometown friends. Leaving behind the burden of classes and schoolwork, these days are the perfect opportunity to spend long days with friends, including catching up over lunch. One thing is for sure, a day in southern California guarantees scorching hot weather; making it tempting to wear the same tank top or shorts and flip flops everyday. This Fashionista perfectly shows how to put together unique pieces to create a colorful daytime look.

I found this Fashionsta as she was leaving a local restaurant with her friends, and immediately her colorful dress grabbed my attention. She later told me that it used to be her mom’s when she was younger. Consider looking through relative’s closets, and you might snag yourself some awesome vintage pieces. This dress emphasizes the emerging trend of the revival of the tacky tropical or Hawaiian print shirts, but in a more modern and fashionable way. By creating an outfit centered around the subdued tropical print of the dress, the other pieces do not compete with the bold print of the dress, but instead highlight it.

Both the Fashionista’s sunglasses and leather cross-body bag add to her vintage-inspired look without overshadowing the dress. She also proves that even though one’s clothing is bright and colorful does not mean you can’t also rock colorful shoes or sandals. She does this by matching the color of the shoes to the prominent color of the dress to create one cohesive color scheme.

Just when I thought that outfit couldn’t get any better, I noticed an unexpected pop of red color peeping out from underneath the airy dress. This solid red bodysuit further lends a fun and flirty twist on the outfit as a whole. In spirit of a true Fashionista, a little attention to creativity and detail goes a long way. This Fashionista, overall, is the perfect example of how to stylishly tackle the summer heat, but still show off that quirky personality that everyone loves about you.

One Simple Change: Who knows what adventures an easy summer the day will bring? Swap the bodysuit for a one-piece bathing suit underneath your dress, just in case a day at the beach is in your future.


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