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As I mentioned in my previous posts, I was in New York City for the semester, but have (sadly) come back to Florida for the summer. As much as I love easy access to the beach and constant sunshine, Florida can be best described as a year round heat wave, and dressing for the extra warm summers can be challenging.

This Fashionista has dressing for the unbearable heat down pat. From her outfit to her choice of transportation (that doubles as an accessory) she knows exactly what will keep her looking and feeling cool.

For the outfit, this Fashionista chose a graphic asymmetrical tank and white shorts. Why do both of these pieces work? This tank is lose and, though you can’t tell here, is cut into slits in the back. It gives her plenty of breathing room, and allows for the few gusts of wind to actually reach her. The white shorts are great for the summer, because they can show off all the hard work you’ve been putting in to getting tan legs. They automatically make your legs look a little darker because of the contrast.

As far as accessories, I wouldn’t recommend the beanie in a heat wave, but this Fashionista knows that sometimes you have to sacrifice comfort for style, and wore it to accentuate her skater girl vibe. Other than the beanie and her must-have polarized aviator sunglasses, this Fashionista keeps it simple with a dainty silver band, delicate cross necklace and a friendship bracelet. I recommend following her lead, because less is more when it’s 90 degrees out.

One Simple Change: Ditch the heat-absorbing beanie, and wear a felt floppy hat in its place for a great summer festival look.


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