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Back home in California, summer is really making an entrance with 100+ degree temperatures, strong winds and zero humidity. It’s difficult to resist wearing just a swimsuit on such sweltering days, but it’s socially unacceptable to walk around in a bikini in non-beach areas (yes, even in Southern California). This post is here to offer a cool (in both senses of the word) alternative.

This Fashionista has the right (and trendy) idea for a heat wave. She pairs her high-waisted shorts with a thin, loose button-down and Birkenstocks. I definitely recommend high-waisted shorts for summer because they add a hint of sophistication to your look, whilst showing the same amount of skin as regular shorts. I also support teaming high-waisted shorts with a light button-down. A light-weight, roomier button-down will provide more ventilation, which is imperative to keeping cool on a hot summer day.

If you want to try out this look during the sun-filled season, check out these high-waisted Levi’s from Nordstrom. Or, if you’re looking for a more cloth-like material, take a peek at these tribal print knit shorts from Forever 21. For an edgier look, opt for some faux leather ones. Then, pair the shorts with a sheer button-down. I’m always a fan of the white button-down because it has a crisp, clean look to it, and it goes with anything. For shoes, copy this Fashionista and a select a pair of Birkenstocks—they’re super in right now.

One Simple Change: For a girls’ night out look, just switch the Birkenstocks for some edgier booties, like these Jeffrey Campbell Litas.


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