WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

What to Wear

It’s easy to spot the “frat guys” on campus. They are the ones wearing all sorts of Polo, Vineyard Vines, J.Crew, Banana Republic and Brooks Brothers. In addition to these preppy brands, they can be seen sporting cool accessories like aviator sunglasses or Hershel backpacks.

This week’s Fashionisto is wearing a typical frat boy outfit. He layers a plaid J.Crew button-down with a Vineyard Vines half-zip pullover. The navy sweater compliments the navy in the red and blue button-down. The khakis and Sperrys are another typical fraternity fashion statement because they can be matched with almost anything. The dark color of the Sperrys is a rare find, as the lighter colored ones are more popular. I think the dark color is more versatile and good for the winter to spring season, as are the reds and blues in the outfit.

To add an accessory to the outfit this Fashionisto sports a watch passed down from his Dad. The watch peeks out from under the button-down and adds dimension as well as class to the look.

One Simple Change: To not look so “frat boy” it is easy to substitute the khakis for a pair of dark washed jeans for an everyday look. Or for a dressier look, subtract the Vineyard Vines sweater and add a navy blazer. Since this look contains many basics, it’s easy to mix and match the pieces to create entirely different outfits.


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