WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

What to Wear

Greek life is prominent here at Penn State, as I’m sure it is at many other universities, and it isn’t uncommon to see flocks of well-dressed boys parading around campus. Seems like this whole “dress well to test well” thing really sticks with these guys. Sometimes you see a lot of the same things: khaki pants, boat shoes and button-downs. But, while this Fashionisto is rocking all of these, his color combination makes him stand out in the flock.

Fraternity brothers are notorious for their mismatched yet perfectly complementary color combinations. They are the brave ones that wear pastels and shorts that are a little shorter than most, so my favorite part of this Fashionisto’s look is the simplicity of blue and red. His Polo Ralph Lauren sweater complements his polo hat perfectly; the attention to the detail of the red stitched polo player is really brought out by his red Polo hat.

The detail of layering is very well thought out too. His button-down shirt sticks with the blue and red color scheme while not being too matchy-matchy. The light blue of the button-down shirt warms up the color scheme and makes the lines less harsh overall.

Khakis are a staple in all fraternity boys’ closets. They are a basic and everyday item. But, in this look they are paired with a pair of dark brown Sperry Top- Siders. This combination looks great because the khaki’s color stands out against the Sperry’s and vice versa. The thing that makes this Fashionisto’s look stand out among the rest of the flock is the attention to detail with his color combinations. He definitely shows that fraternity boys don’t all have to wear neon pink pants and a mint green button-down to look like they are a part of Greek life.

One Simple Change: Swap the chinos for a pair of dark washed denim and take off the sweater for a more casual look appropriate for a day of classes.


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