WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

What to Wear

Graduation is here! It is the most anticipated moment of any college-goer’s career. Through many mental breakdowns, tears of joy, trials and tribulations, the day is here. Your family is gathered around you, and there are so many pictures being taken that your eyes hurt from the flash. So what a better way than to go out with a bang, than to be dressed in a bangin’ outfit? Among all of the pictures being taken, this Fashionista politely agreed to let me take her picture.

I don’t think this Fashionista could have dressed any better for this occasion. She looks so classy and professional. The heels elongate her legs to accommodate for the pencil skirt, and the slim fit of the skirt works perfectly with the peplum shirt. The pieces complement each other so well, and they fit her body even better.

In my opinion, accessories are what make the outfit. By accessorizing, you create and polish your look. You give it flair. This Fashionista keeps her accessories to a minimum, but she wears them in a way that gives her outfit that little something extra without being too flashy. In the South, pearls are kind of a must for anything formal, especially graduation. They are such timeless pieces, and they go with so many different outfits. She pairs these with a beautiful pink lipstick and a timeless pair of pearl earrings.

One Simple Change: Add a blazer, like this one from J.Crew to this already chic outfit and you’re ready for your summer internship after graduation (that will hopefully turn into a job)!


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