WHAT TO WEAR: Girls’ Night Out

What to Wear

As said in the famous Alice Cooper song, “School’s out for summer” and Fashionistas across the country could not be happier. Even with demanding jobs and internships, summer is a time to kick back with friends. When getting ready for a Friday night on the town with your besties from home, or when visiting your besties from college, it can often be difficult to decide what to wear. Without having six different closets to pull options from, finding just the right outfit becomes an unwanted task. The Fashionista pictured shows you how to choose an outfit that is perfect for any summer night out with your best friends by your side.

The Fashionista was spotted wearing a pair of high-waisted, acid-wash jeans with a crop top. First, I loved how the jeans combined these two up and coming trends. The Fashionista made a bold statement by wearing them. One my favorite online shopping destinations, Necessary Clothing, has a great selection of jeans that are flawless for a summer night that you never want to end. More, the Fashionista sported a mauve crop top, featuring a surprise black criss-cross back. I loved this unexpected element of her outfit and it added a touch of glamour to her otherwise edgy outfit. Gypsy Warrior has the great selection to crop tops where you will be sure to find one that matches your next “going-out” outfit.

With her jeans and crop top, the Fashionista paired nude wedges with studded accents. Her shoes were a slightly different color that her crop top which helped to  keep the outfit’s edgy feel. Wedges are a must for any Fashionista living up a summer night. Lastly, the Fashionista was wearing a pair of black hoop earnings and firefly ring. Her earnings were perfect for the outfit since they matched the black in her crop top. Furthermore, I am obsessed with this Fashionista’s funky firefly ring. It was another ideal, unexpected piece that added some glamour to her outfit. Next time you are out shopping, be sure to keep an eye out for unpredictable pieces that will make all your friends jealous. So next time you are getting ready for a girls’ night out this summer, keep your outfit simple. By keeping it simple, you can add daring elements that will make you a Fashionista amongst your friends!

One Simple Change: Going to a BBQ on the 4th of July? Instead of acid-wash jeans, try a pair of shorts instead. Next step is to find a crop top in red, white or blue and your ready for the fireworks.

Thus, it has been a pleasure documenting Fashionistas/os around the world for the last year, and I hope you have enjoyed my articles as well. And remember; never be afraid to be yourself in your fashion choices, no matter what anyone says. Be glamorous, be you.


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