WHAT TO WEAR: Girls’ Night Out

What to Wear

As college students, I’m sure many of us get caught up in all of the events around campus and don’t get to spend a lot of quality time with our girls. They are the ones we rely on for everything, especially for closet raiding, and how often do we get a girl’s night out anymore? This Fashionista was heading out for a day of shopping, and then dinner and a movie with the girls. It’s a perfect excuse to look cute and comfortable with your favorite people.

This Fashionista wore a piece that I honestly don’t see many girls rocking around campus anymore. It’s as simple as a pair of jeans. On a typical day on campus you’ll walk around and see countless pairs of leggings and yoga pants but jeans are a rare sight. The jeans are a refreshing sight paired with the light blue of the lightning bolt T-shirt and the neon pink striped beanie. It is a color combination that isn’t what people would be obviously drawn to, but it’s one that actually works quite well. The gold sequined lightning bolt does a great job of standing out against the light blue shirt and the black leather jacket.

To keep this outfit more winter appropriate, this Fashionista chose dark washed denim, a black leather jacket and black combat boots. The different textures that the boots and jacket provide stand really well next to the T-shirt and beanie. They keep the look season appropriate while providing a fresh look to the eye. This Fashionista rocked this look out with the girls and definitely gave us a new take on color schemes for the winter season.

One Simple Change: Swap the beanie for a headband and the boots for flats and you have a more girly outfit to wear out on a date.


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