WHAT TO WEAR: Girls’ Night Out

What to Wear

Finally, it’s Thursday. You can almost taste that weekend freedom and are in serious need of some fun! This week’s been busy, and what better way to unwind than to round up your best gal pals and enjoy a girls’ night out! But just when you think your school day is over and you can go home to get ready, you get stuck working on a group project for hours after class. Great. Now you’re caught between being an hour late to your favorite sushi restaurant or showing up in sweats! There must be a way to prevent this time crunch. Well don’t worry; this Fashionista has it all figured out.

One of my favorite tips for when you’re going somewhere right after class is to wear your outfit to school. Not only is it a time-saver, but we also tend to feel happier when we’re looking our best. And trust me, sometimes we need as much help as we can get to feel happy during those never-ending classes! This Fashionista looked stunning leaving campus. Her glam black mini skirt fit perfectly as she strutted through the quad. Pairing it with tights was a great choice for extra warmth without compromising the cuteness of her outfit. With her skirt and tights being all black you’d think she’d pick black boots as well, but this Fashionista was a little more daring. She knew it was a myth to avoid mixing brown and black, so she boldly wore her dark brown boots instead. What a fashionable move!

The top half of the outfit is really what drew me in. Her white cable-knit sweater is the perfect neutral to wear under that adorable orange coat from Victoria’s Secret. She incorporated a fun pattern into her look with this black and white checkered scarf, which ties the whole outfit together. At this point she already looks fabulous, but this Fashionista took it one step further and ‘topped it off’ with this stylish white hat. The playful fluffy texture perfectly complements her loose curls as well.  With an outfit like this one, this Fashionista is prepared for more than just taking notes in bio-chem. So whether she’s going on a fun girls’ night out or has something else on the agenda, she is certainly ready to take on the weekend in style. 

One Simple Change: Since Valentine’s Day is near, you may be taking a rain check on the girls’ night out to have a fancy date night with your special someone. This outfit can be dressed up for such a special event with just a few tweaks. Take off the hat, and trade the scarf for an elegant gold necklace. Swap the flat boots for some romantic black pumps and you’ll definitely be a Valentine to remember.


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