WHAT TO WEAR: Girls Night Out

What to Wear

Back to school and out on the town! As a college student living in a party-hard small town, us ladies need to have the “going out” look conquered and perfected. Here in the south, there are many necessities a lady should have in her closet when looking for an outfit to go to the bars or the frats in. Some of the going out clothing must-haves are piko tops, leather leggings, leather skirts, knee-high boots, black leggings, sheer tops, long-sleeve romper, cutout tops and some high-waisted jeans or shorts! These fabulous spring pieces are all bar hopping go-tos!

I spotted this Fashionista getting ready for her night out on the local town Square, also known as bar central here at Ole Miss. You can not go a night on the Square without seeing a cute southern girl wearing a piko of some sort. This Fashionista chose to wear a black dress piko from Free People. This piko dress is literally perfect for any occasion: going out, date night or even meeting the parents! A black piko is so versatile—every college girl MUST have one!

She pieced the piko dress with assorted Lucky Brand necklaces layered with a monogram key necklace. She added even more panache to the outfit by wearing a braided, cosmic latte colored headband by H&M. Her flattering knee-high boots by Vince Camuto gave the look the right amount of dressy to go with her boho theme. What I love most about this look is that the Fashionista pieced a cream bralette by Victoria’s Secret to give off a lacey, hot look from the backside. With the piko dress dipping low in the back, the frilly bralette spices up the austere dress. She threw on a gold Michael Kors watch along with a galaxy themed stone bracelet to complete the look.

This outfit is the epitome of hitting the bars for a GNO! Ladies, throw on a piko, layer it with different jewelry of all lengths and you have yourself a perfect night out look!

One Simple Change: Switch out the boots for some sassy black wedges or heels for an older, more formal look!


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