WHAT TO WEAR: Game Night

What to Wear

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, students are breaking out their team T-shirts to show allegiance left and right. On a campus like Columbia that draws students from all over the country, there is sure to be strong support for both teams, the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens, wherever you look. Wearing a sports team T-shirt can sometimes come off looking sloppy and unsophisticated, which makes styling the key to looking sporty yet refined.

This Fashionista successfully makes the transition from game day apparel to any day apparel, transforming this 49ers T-shirt into a cute and stylish fashion statement. Many sports T-shirts are boxy and don’t particularly flatter the figure. This vintage 1984 Super Bowl T-shirt breaks the stereotype with a shorter, smaller cut that gives a feminine touch to a piece that can otherwise have masculine connotations. The more girly aspects of the outfit, like the chunky statement necklace, counters the athletic feel of the T-shirt. This coral piece in the same color as the shirt allows the football logo to be the focal point, while at the same time adding some texture to the getup. The trendy cargo jacket with leather sleeves from Urban Outfitters, on point with the fashions of this fall and winter, give a more updated and current feel. This Fashionista’s overall look proves you can support your team while incorporating personal style at the same time. The result is a modern look that is appropriate for any occasion! If you walk into a Super Bowl party wearing this ensemble, you’re sure to stand out against the sea of generic football jerseys and T-shirts!

One Small Change: Swap the football T-shirt for a plain black tank top and you’ll have a great outfit for shopping or running errands.


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