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Spring semester finals are bittersweet; there’s a lot of studying to do, but the tests and papers are also a beacon of hope. It’s the final stretch. Summer is right around the corner. It can be easy to fall into a slump around finals week, but putting effort into your look will boost your confidence and (hopefully) boost your grades! This Fashionista’s style has an edgy-chic vibe that’s guaranteed to turn heads this finals week.

The way to pull of such a stand out look is to follow this Fashionista’s lead, and add a small tweak to each of your ordinary style staples. Rather than throwing on regular cotton leggings, for example, try leather leggings. You can also make a statement just by changing the color of your shoelaces (I personally like the idea of leopard print laces). Opt for a denim jacket instead of a cotton cardigan, and ditch the plain white T-shirt for a textured sweater.

This look is also a great example of how articles of clothing can act as accessories. We’ve all seen the pictures of preppy New Englanders with pastel sweaters tied over their shoulders – edge up your own style by instead tying a flannel around your waist! As a bonus, the shirt can camouflage any unflattering shapes caused by (often ill-fitting) leather pants.

No matter the weather outside, this Fashionista was smart in choosing closed-toe shoes and long sleeves. Most class buildings are air conditioned, and you don’t want to be shivering when you’re trying to focus on solving differential equations.

Whether or not you consider your style edgy, add some unique elements to your outfits this finals week. After that, all that’s left to do is ace the tests and head out for summer. Good luck, Fashionistas!

One Simple Change: Swap the leather leggings and high-tops for a leather skirt and wedge sneakers and you’ve got the perfect day to night outfit!


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