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Dum da-da Dum da! It’s finals time! Let the love/hate relationship begin as we stress and cry over our all-nighters, yet rejoice in the fact that summer will come to our rescue in only a few short days! Yeah… there is nothing glamorous about finals time, but perhaps finding the right outfit to wear while rocking your tests can be your little ray of sunshine during the dark days!

Let’s give praise to this week’s Fashionista for not letting the downer mood of finals get in her way of dressing fashionably. She sure knew how to beat finals and put them to shame with her Ace-em’ outfit. A comfortable, easy, put together look is just what’s in order for keeping you focused yet stylish amidst the finals season, and that’s exactly what this Fashionista accomplished.

Her shirtdress, paired with tights and some fashionable boots, gives the overall ensemble a sense of relaxation and composure. During the stressful time of studying and test taking, it’s hard not to long for your sweatpants— but don’t do it! Instead, reach for that cozy shirtdress like this Fashionista! Providing you an effortless way to stay on your game both in school and with street-wear fashion, your shirtdress finals look will be sure to give you the absolute confidence you need to finish the school year strong.

One Simple Change: Ditch your tights and throw on your favorite pair of party wedges! Once finals are over, it’s time to celebrate! And what better what to do so than with a girls’ night out on the town? Don’t forget to accessorize! Remember you can always spice up your shirtdress look by adding a belt and some jewelry.


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