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First, take a deep breath in and then out, now repeat the process three times. Okay ladies and gentlemen, the week is here. All of our hard work throughout the last four months of the semester has all boiled down to this week, and it is our time to shine! Some may argue that two hours with a pen and paper can’t possibly reflect all the knowledge on a topic, but nonetheless, we must prepare. Finals week is a time of stress, late night studying and comfortable attire.

On the quad, this week’s Fashionista is channeling a picturesque finals week look. From head to toe she is casually dressed in an effortless outfit that provides her with comfort as she spends the day prepping for finals. What first caught my eye were her Birkenstock sandals. Although formally thought of as your grandma’s slip-ons, these sandals have made a comeback this spring and are being seen on celebs, bloggers and Fashionistas everywhere.

Besides her comfortable footwear, this Fashionista has put together a quick and easy outfit, perfect for maximizing study time. During finals week, it’s easy to throw on a pair of Lulu’s and a sweatshirt, but if you take five extra minutes and follow this Fashionista, you won’t regret it. To do so, a soft shirt is a must. This Fashionista layered her favorite lightweight spring sweater with a patterned tank and I love it! Although the sun may be out, it’s important to factor in the cooler temperatures of the library.

Lastly, as you travel to and from the library and tests, a large tote is essential for carrying all of your study materials. My personal favorite bag, as seen on this Fashionista, is a Longchamp.

One Simple Change: After finals, students begin to say their goodbyes and make their way back home for the summer. With this look, swap out your capris for a pair of shorts and you are ready to travel!


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