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It is here! It is finally here. I am not ready but at the same time I am ready to get it over with so I can move on with my summer. What am I talking about, you ask? I am referring to Finals Week, a.k.a Hell Week. It is time to say hello to late night study sessions, horrible eating habits and two hour power naps that accidentally turn into eight hour naps. This is the time of the year when most procrastinators almost die from trying to get in all the extra credit assignments their professor has presented. This is also the week when most Fashionistas scale down their wardrobe in place for more comfortable and easy looks that they can throw on 20 minutes before the final they spent all night cramming for.

On my way to my speech final I ran into this Fashionista. She was in the sea of girls with sweat pants, oversized tees that apartment complexes give out and Starbucks in their hands. She caught my attention because even though this is the week when you are allowed to look like death, she looks joyful and full of happiness. I guess she is just happy to be almost done with this semester like I am.

This Fashionista is rocking a look that has been trending for awhile now. The denim on denim look that she is wearing gives off a laid back and carefree vibe.  She is wearing a denim button-down that she thrifted from a local thrift store in our quaint little college town. She is also wearing denim cut-off shorts that she picked up from PacSun.

I think the proportions of this look are really interesting. It gives the eye a little more to look at since she is playing on balance. The breaking up of the denim on denim by adding a graphic tee adds another layer of balance to her look. With the unique accessories and brown boots she is wearing, her eclectic look just naturally flows together.

One Simple Change: Have to spend all night in the library? Abandon those cool shorts for a pair of sweats like these from Victoria Secret PINK. Pair those sweats with a throw blanket, a red bull and a bag of almonds (healthy snacking…you know to balance out that Red Bull) and you are ready for a another long night at the library.


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