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Well guys, finals week is here. It’s the most dreaded week of the year: a time when sleeping becomes a fond but very distant memory and studying completely takes over the lives of every college student in America. Unfortunately, this often means that by the end of the week campus becomes a big sea of un-showered, sweats-clad zombies. Sound horrifying? It is.

Though time is certainly precious during finals, finding a moment or two to put together a cute outfit is always worth the extra effort. This Fashionista proves that it is, in fact, possible to be stylish and still ace every one of those tests.

As with almost all occasions in college, comfort is the most important factor in this outfit. Finals week often consists of sitting in the same seat for hours or even days, so feeling good in your outfit is crucial. This Fashionista’s pants are the perfect solution: they have a relaxed, loose fit making them easy to move around in, and are soft enough to pass as pajama pants (so that you can at least pretend you got some sleep). In addition to being comfortable, printed pants are very on trend, making the look not only finals-friendly but fashion-forward as well.  At this point in the week, we are all very familiar with the drafty library and its fluctuating temperatures. Because of this, a light jacket or cardigan is essential so that you can stay warm when those suspicious gusts of air hit unexpectedly. This Fashionista chose a neutral color, creating a simple but chic look and making her pants the focus of her ensemble.

Practicality is another aspect in dressing for finals week that cannot be overlooked. Wearing a headband is the perfect way to add in a cute accessory while providing an easy way to style your hair, as well as possibly hiding the fact that it hasn’t been washed in days. Glasses are another must while studying; even those of us with perfect vision start to lose our eyesight after staring at a textbook for 12 hours straight, and contacts have to come out at some point during those all-nighters. A few unfussy additions to the ensemble, like her brown boots and elephant necklace, complete the look for an A+ outfit from head to toe.

One Simple Change: Summer is almost here, and that means internship season is too. Swap the cardigan for a polished blazer and the tank for a simple blouse for a look that is polished and professional. Add in a pair of heels and you’re ready to shine for your first day on the job!


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