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I cannot believe it’s this time of year, again. It seems like just yesterday I was wrapping up my freshman year getting ready to head home and cuddle with my mommy. Now I’m ending my sophomore year, trying to take in every moment I have left and preparing to jet off to Los Angeles for the summer to work with Emily & Meritt. While I’m excited to see what the West Coast has in store for me, I’m holding onto every bit of the East Coast I have, which includes the very defined fashion sense.

Even mid-spring, those on the East Coast can sport their leather jackets in style and their scarves as warm-weather accessories. Both items stood out to me on this Fashionisto as we all prepare to enter our favorite/least favorite time of year, finals. As I’ve said multiple times before, comfort is key to finals wear, but this Fashionisto adds a little edge to his look. Scarves are a must-have for those long nights in the library, especially when it comes time for a power nap. Jeans, especially for men, are one of the most comfortable items you can wear without looking like a slob. This Fashionisto’s gingham button-down peeks out from under the focal point of this finals look—the leather jacket.

You may not expect a leather jacket to be a part of finals attire, ever. They can be bulky, restricting and even completely inappropriate for spring weather; however, here at GW, the A/C is blasting in all administrative buildings and you always need something to bundle up in. Leather jackets are the perfect, trendy answer to your spring chills and finals-prep look. This Fashionisto wears it best on top of his blue button-down and light gray scarf, both which brighten up the look, making it flawless for spring and finals!

As you end the semester with finals, finish with an A+ in fashion and add some edge into your look with a leather jacket. Be comfortable, chic and classic for your finals and you’ll be sure to ace!

One Simple Change: Did your spring fling turn into something a little more serious? This Fashionisto’s outfit can easily be switched into the perfect look for meeting the parents! A pair of khakis would couple nicely with the gingham button-down. Leave the leather jacket at home and opt for a super on-trend quilted jacket.


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