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Congratulations! You’ve almost made it through one heck of a school year all in one piece. What perfect way to reward yourself after a tough few semesters than with summertime? Unfortunetly, one last step stands in the way between you and the sun; it’s those two dreaded words that college students hate to hear: finals week. We all know what comes to mind when we know finals week is around the corner: nights of being swamped in papers, sprinting across campus to finish a number of group projects, sleepless nights full of studying, coffee overloading, the list goes on and on. With all of the things necessary to end the semester strong, we all can understand why sweatpants, or maybe even yesterday’s outfit if you’ve been up for all hours, can be your best friend during this week. However, don’t let stress get in the way of your sense of style—finish the semester strong in your academics as well as in your fashion.

This Fashionista provides us with the perfect end of the semester look. While incorporating some of my personal favorites for the spring, her whole look is the perfect style inspiration to help get us through finals week. Firstly, springy pants such as this Fashionista’s purple patterned ones, are sure to brighten your mood and give you that boost of confidence before your exams. Not only are patterned pants a timeless piece for the spring, they are also a great way to add color and vibrance to your look. Because patterned pants are mostly used as the central focus of the look, pairing them with a simple top such as this Fashionista’s black T-shirt is a great way to tie your look together. Additionally, this Fashionista topped her look off with a light pink jacket as well as simple black ankle boots.

Although finishing the semester strong requires a great deal of motivation, sources of empowerment and easy ways to boost your confidence begin with how you view yourself. By beginning your day dressed in a way that brightens your mood and makes you feel great, you will be sure to work to your fullest capabilities!

One Simple Change: For a look perfect for your last night out of the year, switch out the boot for a pair of black pumps and your T-shirt for a crop top.



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