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Although I was beginning to think it didn’t exist, that light at the end of the tunnel is finally visible. The endless nights wasting away in the library are coming to a close, the end is creeping upon us and finals week is right around the corner. It’s time for everybody to finish the semester as strong as they started. Easier said than done, right? I can feel the stress pile on me as if I’m trying to give an elephant a piggy back ride. In other words, the end of semester is directly related to the stress overload I know you’re all feeling. Regardless, try taking some time to pamper up your wardrobe this finals week. I’ve been noticing Fashionista/o’s all over campus dressed for success during their last weeks of the semester. It’s time to leave an impression on the successful student and Fashionista/o you really are. Whether you’re ready for graduation or preparing for another year at school, check out this Fashionista for a perfect final’s week outfit.

Between the use of neutral colors to the addition of a classic Coach bag and a Burberry scarf, this look is forever beautiful. This ensemble would be just as stunning twenty years from now, as it is today. This is due to the fact that the look is so simple, classic and chic. To modernize her classic outfit, she added adorable studded booties. The booties gracefully make this a day-to-night look. They aren’t too high to endure the long walks to class, but they’re high enough to hit the town with your friends after a stressful day. If she takes off her classic beige colored coat, you will find a perfect night time look. First with a simple black high-waisted skirt, she can look classy both on campus and at dinner. She complements her skirt with a loose-fitted crop top. I love the way this Fashionista added so many layers, because it adds depth to her look. This Fashionista perfected a classic, professional and stylish outfit for finals week.

One Simple Change: If you’re one of the lucky few that is experiencing warmer weather, toss the winter coat and add a light jacket to keep yourself comfortable during finals week!


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