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This might sound crazy, but I’m officially done with my spring semester. Northeastern University has shorter semesters than a lot of schools, but that doesn’t mean our finals are any less stressful. The end of April is a demanding time of year as students are pulling all-nighters in the library, turning in papers and presenting final projects. With all of this business, along with the change in weather, you’ve got to dress smartly.

In order to properly embrace the rising temperatures and still be comfortable for finals, a dress is a great way to go. If you’re still adjusting to wearing dresses, adding a pair of colorful leggings underneath can help you with the transition. This combination also works for long days of going from a final back to the library for more studying. To be prepared for the air-conditioned rooms, throw on a lightweight sweater over your dress. I’m a big fan of the dress and sweater combination, especially when the sweater is light enough so you can see the dress underneath.

Today’s Fashionista embraces this mid-April madness with an inspiring ensemble that works for a day or week full of finals. Her cute polka-dot dress and burgundy leggings add a cheerful touch to her outfit. Wearing fun patterns is important during stressful times because anything you can do to brighten your mood will be necessary. She adds more variety to her outfit with a textured sweater, neutral suede Clarks and a shiny bracelet. To hold all of her notes and pencils, she tops off her look with a brown leather backpack.

Get ready for your upcoming finals week without sacrificing your style. Go for a patterned dress that won’t be too restricting; a babydoll or smock style would be ideal. Layer with a lightweight sweater or cardigan and make sure you wear comfortable shoes. Finally, accessorize with bracelets (but not ones that clink while you’re writing) and a stylish backpack. Who knows, maybe if you dress better, you’ll do better on your tests.

One Simple Change: Do you have a friend’s birthday party coming up? Swap out the Clarks for heeled sandals and lose the leggings and backpack. Then, you’ll be set for a a day or night of celebrating.



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