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A topic that has been brought up time and time again in college is that most of us students just do not have enough time. We have four years before we are released into the crazy real world and we have one question: where does time go? As a senior, I can sympathize with those that feel as though they are losing time. For a lot of students, time goes so fast that a few extra minutes in the morning to “get dressed” would be detrimental to their day. For some I am sure it could be a burden, but this Fashionista argues that being a Fashionista/o takes no more time than it would to put on a pair of sweat pants. Though, I am sure she cracks like most of us do and wears the occasional “nort” to class, I am happy I caught her on her way to her final final dressed like this.

For me, it is absolutely imperative that we talk about this Fashionista’s knee high boots. The scaled black texture to the boots really stands out on this Fashionista. Though we hear about ankle booties constantly, and I write about them constantly, it was refreshing to see, write, and hopefully for the readers to read about a different type of boot this season.

I love that this Fashionista isn’t afraid to wear colors in the winter. This bright red (or orange, whichever your eyes sees) sweater brightens up the outfit and keeps her warm during the winter months. Though it could be argued that this Fashionista could have just worn a sweatshirt, I was excited that her bright sweater caught my eyes. Like her sweater, to some, this Fashionista was bold to take the time to look amazing. To her, it was just another day.

One Simple Change: If you aren’t into bright colors for winter, swap out the bright sweater for a caramel colored sweater.

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