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The end of the semester marks many things I’m excited for including winter break, shopping for gifts and going home; but work always comes before play, right? So before we get too excited, there is one more barrier to cross: Finals. That’s no excuse, however, to start slacking off in school or in your daily attire. This Fashionista has kept it stylish and comfortable, which is the way to go when you have Finals at 7:00 a.m. then a continuous cycle of studying and procrastinating. During this time, you might find yourself dressing for “all-nighters” and living in the library for a couple days. If this sounds like it might be in your future, read on for some helpful tips for staying comfortable and stylish during this Finals week.

This Fashionista begins with some great layering with a loose, gray crochet panel sweater and a white T-shirt for a relaxed look. Layering is a considerable option for all-nighters because you can choose between a T-shirt, comfy sweater or both. She opted for a more refined pop of color in a pair of burgundy jeans, which I can relate to as burgundy, navy or green are some of my favorite colors to incorporate in my typically neutral wardrobe. Brown combat boots finish everything off just adding to the relaxed bohemian vibe.

Her accessories undoubtedly include her messy top bun, as well as a lovely gold watch and the perfect sunglasses. I love simple gold accents and hers dress up her look ever so slightly as do her sunglasses, which are ideal for covering up the evidence of a non-existent finals week sleeping schedule. She opts for a bag that is not only stylish and a great color, but also just roomy enough for all of your studying needs including books, a laptop and maybe even drinks and snacks.

This Finals week stay away from pajamas and take inspiration from this Fashionista’s stylish and relaxed look. Whether you’re going to a 7:00 a.m. exam or living in a corner in the library for a while, the classic sweater and jeans look is easily stylish, comfortable and works every time.

One Simple Change: If you also really love the look of her sweater and white T-shirt, they can be easily transformed into an ensemble perfect for a night out with a few small swaps and additions. Try swapping out jeans for leather pants and the combat boots for heeled ankle boots; the cherry on top would be an amazing gold statement necklace.

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