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I’ve admired this Fashionista’s style all quarter long, as she always comes to our Swahili class dressed in something fabulous. One day, we both came to class wearing matching black velvet leggings and we even have similar loafers… not that I’m obsessed. Needless to say, I love her style and always look forward to seeing what she’ll show up wearing each Tuesday and Thursday morning. One gray Tuesday, she showed up wearing this midi skirt and sweater combo. The skirt-sweater combination is one that I have been trying to integrate into my routine for about a year now. However, I’ve been having trouble finding the perfect combination of skirt lengths and sweater size so that my body is not completely drowning in material and that the sweater is hitting my hips at the sweet spot.

She clearly does not share my issues and is able to perfectly pull off the look with a flowing midi skirt and a pair of motorcycle boots. Beyond the skirt-sweater pairing, I love that while her pieces are different patterns, she chose to stay within the same gray color palette. I think sometimes people, myself included, rely on color too heavily to do the work of making an outfit stand out, rather than focus on fit, cuts, patterns, layers and themes. Staying within a single color scheme forces you to be more thoughtful about what you’re throwing on — when you can’t count on your bright, patterned sweater to do the talking, you have to dive into the details of your outfit. This Fashionista pattern-blocked (as opposed to color-blocked) to create a more nuanced combination. Furthermore, the pendant and collar add dainty details juxtaposing the tougher edge of the motorcycle boots.

A look like this one would be great for those upcoming finals (in fact we had a quiz on this day!) since it is at once comfortable, easy to throw on and, most importantly, beautiful — all necessary things to maximize performance.

One Simple Change: For a winter night out, swap the boots for a pair of heeled booties, if you’re so inclined, and add a solid lip color.

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