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It’s officially that time of the quarter; finals. A time when sleep and real pants are traded for obscene amounts of caffeine and sweatpants. While I am completely guilty of this, I am now going to stop and so should you. Let’s make a pact to get more sleep and look our best (under the circumstances)

Our Fashionisto may have just spent the last three days toiling away at Monty or slaving away on a paper but just by looking at him, can you tell? No. No, you cannot and that’s exactly how it should be.

When times are tough, stick to the basics. If you’ve read my articles before you know exactly what I’m about to stress…versatility! Your go-to pieces should all be versatile and comfortable. In my book, that’s what makes a piece basic. This Fashionisto’s basic pieces are his jeans and sneakers. If you’re in the market for a great pair of basic sneakers, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Converse.

Another go-to idea for times like these, being displayed by our Fashionisto here, is layering! Not only is layering a good way to keep warm, but it’s also a great look. Our Fashionisto wears a simple heather gray long sleeve shirt. A thermal or henley would also make good choices to start with for layering. On top of that he wears a solid grey hoodie. American Apparel makes some of the warmest, coziest hoodies I’ve ever come across. Lastly, he wears his stylish coat. Our Fashionisto rocks a pretty monochromatic layered look but feel free to switch it up. A nice wool scarf would be the perfect complement to this look.

One Simple Change: Dress this look up a little but still keep it casual by adding some straight leg dark wash jeans and oxfords.


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