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Yes, we are still in school. I love the quarter system, just not when we get out one month later when all our friends are home already. It’s hard to study when people are already making their “summer 2013″ Facebook photo album. Spring quarter finals are the worst because the only thing we are focusing on is fun places to go this summer. As we force ourselves to get the to the library, we prepare for a hard week. Dressed in sweats, a coffee in almost every single student’s hand and stacks of books in the other, we try our best to get through this together. Sadly to say, students are not dressing to impress. I cut everyone some slack when I looked around campus for any Fashionistas/os.

I ran into this Fashionisto on his second trip to the library that day.  I really enjoyed the simplicity and comfort of his outfit. Through the gruesome week, he was able to still look clean cut and ready to take his finals. The plain white V-neck T-shirt, comfortable olive green corduroys and leather Sperry Top-Sider was the perfect casual outfit to ace finals. The white V-neck T-shirt is a must in every man’s wardrobe. I have this theory that the V-neck will never go out of style. It’s been in the fashion industry since forever. The best part of the outfit was the corduroys. I absolutely love corduroys because it is such a casual fabric. Although it has been the stereotypical choice of the old, I thought it looked young and modern with the white V-neck.  This Fashionisto’s ensemble was a simple look that beat all the other boys wearing Cal Poly sweaters and basketball shorts during Finals season.

One Simple Change: For a class presentation, simply replace the casual V-neck for a collared shirt!


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