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It’s that dreaded time of the semester — finals week. As I walked through the bottom floor of the library it better resembled a place of disappointment and torture than a fine educational establishment. Yes, I get it. You’ve been living on Red Bull and haven’t slept in days, but this stereotypical college uniform has got to go. Leggings or Nike shorts (Norts, ew) and an oversized T-shirt does not scream you are ready to ace your finals. This look is just lazy when there are so many other alternatives that take just as much time or less to put together. In the wise words of Oscar Wilde, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” Please don’t wear your old prom dress to your 8 a.m. exam but try to look like you are there ready to get a good grade not like you just got out of bed.

This Fashionista definitely gets an “A” when it comes to her choice of outfit. This casual ensemble is perfect for a stressful day of final exams. And yes — she’s even wearing leggings! She ditched the pair of black leggings that everyone will be wearing and took a risk. Her landscape-printed leggings are comfortable and super interesting to look at. “I always wear them to my geography exam for good luck,” she said. These lucky leggings are unique without being over the top and they allow this Fashionista to simply stand out, in a great way, from the rest of her classmates. Printed leggings are a way to make a statement and just have fun with fashion.

She pairs her leggings with a pair of black shorts and a sweater. I love the neutral color scheme of these pieces. It puts more of a focus to the print on her legs. She completes the outfit by accessorizing with a spiked cuff, elephant ring, faux tusk necklace and a pair of black studded flats. This Fashionista is certainly dressed for success.

One Simple Change: Her leggings are perfect for a long day of tests. Take them off, keep on the black shorts and add a pair of bright colored heels to transform this outfit into something that could be worn on a date.


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