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The moment we’ve been waiting all term for is finally here. Yes boys and girls, it’s finals week! Any time the word “finals” is uttered by a college student, their level of excitement goes from a two to about a ten. And I know that you’re all excited just as much as I am. So when you get ready for your classes this next week, remember that just because its finals week and the last time you’ll see your classmates for a while, doesn’t mean you have to dress down. You can keep it casual and comfortable and still look like you just walked off the set of the latest and hottest fashion shoot. And that is exactly what this Fashionisto did. He made a statement but didn’t sacrifice the conformability.

Today’s Fashionisto is decked out from head to toe in denim. Normally, I don’t like denim on denim. I think it looks too cheesy. However, this Fashionisto did it right! His look reminds me a lot of something Frank Ocean would wear, and I love that. The long sleeve denim shirt gives you that edgy feel and has an acid wash look to it, keeping your friends guessing and wondering if you did it yourself.

I don’t know about you, but I love cuffed jeans. So when I saw this Fashionisto rocking his cuffed denim jeans, I knew I had to take his picture to capture this wonderful look. Plus it’s hot outside, so any excuse to cuff your jeans is something you should take advantage of. But the piece that had me really going crazy was this Fashionisto’s awesome stars and stripes headband. I was living for his headband when I saw it, I was literally left speechless. You can tell this Fashionisto cares about the little details. From the cuffed jeans to the awesome headband, this just screams style. It may seem cliché but I totally love the denim and American flag combo, it just screams all-American to me. Having pride in your country will always be fashionable!

One Simple Change: If you aren’t a big headband person, losing the headband isn’t a big deal. As long as you have your denim intact, this look will stay edgy for any occasion—including brunch.


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