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Now that seasons are changing, it’s probably time to clean out our closets and get rid of some items we don’t wear. But do any of you have those few pieces you just can’t seem to part with? Maybe it’s that funky fringe shirt or crazy printed skirt hanging way in the back behind those ‘adorable’ dresses from Grandma. You’ve always wanted to pull those wilder pieces out and wear them; you just haven’t found the right occasion yet. Whenever my dad is having a similar problem getting rid of one of his more ‘eccentric’ shirts, he always justifies keeping it by calling it his “festival wear.” Well, I think Dad just might be on to something. After all, the one place you can whip out your craziest outfits and edgiest ensembles without fear of judgment would have to be a festival.

Festivals feel like magical places where really anything goes—including outfits. They’re the perfect scenes to wear those pieces that you love, but that might be a little too daring for your everyday attire. Today we’re lucky to get some inspiration from this Fashionista’s sassy ensemble, which has “festival wear” written all over it. Let’s start off by saying how awesome these gray and white printed jeans are. They have an almost smoky effect and are a definite focal point of the outfit. Another main aspect is her classic black and white striped top. Normally, most people are afraid to mix patterns, but festival outfits are all about taking risks—and this one certainly pays off!

To help balance out the patterns, this Fashionista has chosen a solid colored denim jacket. Including a jacket in your festival outfit is great for sudden weather changes, and the patch details on this one give it a cool vintage vibe. Since festivals also generally include a lot of walking around, you’ll want to stick with flats like these lace-up booties. Choosing a brown shoe was another bold choice, and it helped this Fashionista tie in her copper necklace as well. The studs give it an edgy twist and complement her killer hairstyle. Not everyone can pull off this super chic look, but this Fashionista nails it.

With an outfit like this you’re sure to be ready for any festivals in your future. Even if you’re not road tripping it to Coachella, that doesn’t mean you can’t still rock your “festival wear” around your hometown. We should all take a page from this Fashionista’s book and not be afraid to sport our fiercest fashions wherever we go.

One Simple Change: To make this outfit appropriate for a rainy day, simply swap the denim jacket for a water-resistant military-style one. You also might want to leave the suede booties at home and go with some leather ones that are easy to clean and won’t absorb the rain. Then you’ll be able to rock a stylish look no matter what the weather has in store.


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