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Errands is just a less fun word for shopping. Instead of frolicking through aisles of shoes, purses and clothes, errands require more tedious things, such as trips to Walgreens for toilet paper or waiting in line at the post office to mail your rent. Usually done rushing before classes or on lazy Sunday afternoons, they are activities that are either quick or more time-consuming than you expected.

This Fashionista has the best outfit for checking off those errands that have been haunting you every time you open up your planner. A pair of jet-black jeans paired with a cozy striped sweater is easy to throw on and comfortable while you are busily running from place to place. Unlike shopping, where you’re relaxed and taking your time, errands aren’t as pleasurable and often require being in a casual outfit. Big knit sweaters from stores like Brandy Melville are perfect for any errand (you’ll probably see me wearing one if you spot me in Walgreens).

With basic pieces, awesome shoes are required. Her black booties with big gold buckles from ShoeMint are what made me stop this Fashionista. Even though you’re running errands, you’re still a Fashionista. A pair of bold shoes transforms an average errand outfit to a fabulous, simple, you-can’t-tell-I’m-running-errands outfit.

One Simple Change: When meeting up with friends for lunch or dinner after running errands, switch the sweater with a blazer and statement necklace for a cute yet still simple outfit to relax after you’ve been so busy!


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