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The heat can make simple tasks like taking a walk an impossible feat and to spend the day outside, traveling from place to place running errands—well, that requires mental and physical preparation. It’s a problem that is all too familiar with this above average spring we’ve been recently experiencing. One day, when you find yourself with a schedule that is completely packed with to-do’s and non-negotiable engagements, you have to make sure you have the right outfit that can get you from point A to point B without compromising your comfort or appearance. Some often see the word “comfortable” as being synonymous with sweatpants and overall uninspired clothes, but that’s just simply not the case. While it is true that with a long day ahead of you, the only word you truly deem relevant is comfort, a little does go a long way, especially if you style correctly. One spotted Fashionista looked fabulous, proving this idiom to be quite true.

I noticed this Fashionista as the bottom half of her maxi skirt blew in the warm afternoon breeze, prepared to take on the warm weather as well as tackle her list of errands for the day. By applying some staple items to her look, she created an outfit that has charm, but also exudes comfort. She paired a grey sweatshirt and a leaf print maxi skirt with brown closed toe gladiator sandals, creating an overall boho inspired look. Every outfit should include a statement piece regardless of the occasion, an item that has the power to transform a look completely or take it to the next level, and in this Fashionista’s case it is the deep red bow that she has tied around the bottom of her braid. It adds pizazz and colour to an otherwise colour neutral ensemble. It takes the look from simple to playful.

To take on this Fashionista’s look for your day out running errands, go back to the basics with a sweatshirt and print maxi skirt. Incorporate some flair into the entire outfit by simply pairing it with gladiator sandals and adding the bow, the cherry on top, to give you the pop of color. You may also substitute the bow for another statement piece that has the same effect, whether it be a hat or interesting jewellery. You’ll be going through your errands in style.

One Simple Change: To transform this look from fun and casual to night out chic, exchange the gladiator sandals for black heels and bring the edge with a motorcycle jacket. The statement piece should also change from day to night. To finish off the look trade the red bow in for a chunky necklace that has some detail.


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