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At the end of the school year I feel like all I do is run around non-stop. Going to lunch with friends, studying for finals, meeting with professors and figuring out summer plans are only a few things on my to-do list, followed by 100 other things. How’s a Fashionista to focus on her wardrobe when tied up in a million other things? Well, I found a Fashionista on campus who embodies the perfect balance of organization and style, sporting an amazing look for getting your errands done, on-trend and on time.

This Fashionista wears a graphic T-shirt, flouncy high-waisted shorts, a draping cardigan and cutout booties, capturing a bohemian flare in her overall ensemble. What first caught my eye was how this Fashionista dressed her graphic T-shirt. She loosely tucked the front of her shirt into her shorts, but let the rest of the shirt hang loose in the back. This created a cool texture change up and added a unique look to the outfit.

This Fashionista’s chic booties are a great choice for getting done all of her daily errands. They are both comfortable and trendy, the perfect pair! Finally, her loose-hanging cardigan adds an element of texture into the look and also protects her from the somewhat chilly spring breeze. Oversized cardigans are the best spring staple because they can go with any look, keep you warm when needed and always add a trendy, bohemian element to your outfit. This Fashionista’s Ray-Ban aviators complete the simple and chic look.

Running errands can certainly be tiring and tedious, so this Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for the long day ahead. A graphic T-shirt is the best way to stay comfortable and on-trend. You can style it for your day of errands like this Fashionista does by pairing it with shorts. If you’re like me and find that maxi skirts are the most comfortable article of clothing on the planet, tie the bottom of your graphic T-shirt in a little knot and wear your maxi skirt for a casual daytime look.

We’re always running errands and quickly moving from thing to thing. Follow this Fashionista and check off your to-do list in style!

One Simple Change: Switch out the booties for a pair of strappy stilettos and you’re ready for a girl’s night out! Your girlfriends will appreciate your chic graphic T-shirt and the stilettos will make your legs go on for days!


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